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The Legal Aid Society, Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi, is a dedicated society whose avowed objective is to provide legal aid and assistance to people who cannot afford professional legal help. The society has been working tirelessly to reach out to the under privileged section of society through the provision of free legal aid and legal literacy programs in and around the campus in tune with the provisions of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987. The society stood strong even during the pandemic where each and every member of the society was working day in and day out to provide some reliefs to those who were worst affected by it. The extent of the valuable contribution of the society has been made possible through the strenuous efforts put in by the students, professors and advocates who are inspired by the motto of National Legal Services Authority (NALSA)- ‘Access to Justice for all.”

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Legal Services Clinic

Legal Services Clinic (LSC), Campus Law Centre was inaugurated by Hon’ble Mr. Justice A.K. Sikri (Former Judge, Supreme Court of India). LSC works under the aegis of Delhi State Legal Services Authority (DSLSA) to reach out to needy people and to give them legal assistance. A Legal Aid Counsel appointed by Central District Legal Services Authority (CDLSA) visits the clinic every Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and is assisted by trained Para Legal Volunteers (PLVs) who also maintain and record the information and service provided by the clinic.

The sole objective of the clinic is to bridge the gap that exists between what the law promises to offer and the harsh realities of the legal world. It is medium for the students to avail the opportunity of not only applying their legal aptitude and judicial mind but also exposes them to the practicalities of the profession. Following the motto “access to justice for all ” LSC had addressed variety of issues.

The society is deeply committed towards its two main objectives; creating legal awareness and providing legal aid with the assistance of a lawyer at the Legal Services Clinic, Campus Law Centre. The legal aid society aims to disseminate legal information among those who cannot afford legal services by way of legal literacy programs in and around campus in consonance with the provisions of the Legal Services Authorities Act 1987.

From October 2019 to February 2020, the LSC addressed a wide variety of legal grievances, ranging from domestic violence matters to property-related disputes to sexual assault cases. (For more details, please refer to TABLE-1)

Area of LawNumber of Cases
Criminal Disputes3
Property Disputes4
Family Disputes2
Money Related Disputes5
Procedural Queries14

The LSC has been successful in providing free legal assistance because of the active participation of the PLVs in collaboration with the empanelled lawyers. By providing this opportunity of assisting the experienced lawyers, the LSC has proved to be a dynamic tool of learning for more than 50 PLVs by exposing them to the practicalities of the legal profession. 

Awaaz-The Blog

‘Awaaz -The Blog’ is an initiative of the Legal Aid Society, Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi. The blog publishes articles with an aim to encourage diverse legal discourse on contemporary social, political and legal issues, and wishes to create a space where different ideas come together conversing with each other.

Awaaz-The Blog is effectively managed by the Editorial Board (EB) comprising 8 members. The primary functions of the EB include selecting the articles based on legal contemporary issues and critically analyzing them.

We seek to emphasize the importance of socially relevant legal education in the discipline of law and its recognition as a sine qua non for proper dispensation of justice. The blog operates online and is available here:

Activities of the Legal Aid Society

The following are the activities undertaken by the society in the Academic Years 2020-21 & 2021-22.

     DateActivities/ ProgrammesMode 
  24th June, 2020 to13thSeptember,2020Helpdesks for Construction Workers for Online Registration Virtual 
  22ndAugust,2020to 25th August ,2020Shelter Home VisitPhysical, CentralDistrict, Delhi
 20thSeptember,2020Webinar on Judicial Responsibility in EnforcingSecond and Third GenerationRights Virtual
 22nd October, 2020Webinar On Copyright Lawand the Feminist GazeVirtual
 30th October,2020Webinar on ‘Graffiti and Copyright’Virtual
 09thNovember,2020Award for outstanding contribution as “corona warrior”to student co-convener of LASPhysical,DSLSAOffice
 26thNovember,2020Article Writing Competition, Constitution Day, 2020Online
 05th February2021Orientation Programme forfirst year studentsVirtual
  20th March 2021Online panel discussion to markthe launch of report on ‘Caste and Gender Violence’ written in collaboration with Legal AidClinic, NLIU Bhopal Virtual
  20th March 2021Report on Caste and Gender Violence’ – written by Legal Aid Society of CLC in collaborationwith Legal Aid Clinic, NLIUBhopal Online
  26th April, 2021Webinar on SMEs- A Driver ofInnovation and Economic Growth Virtual
  April-May 2021Covid-19 relief assistance for Delhi during the second wave of the pandemic Online
 May 2021Covid-19 Legal AssistanceOnline
 26th May, 2021Financial Aid to TransgenderPersons- Registration Process AssistanceOnline
 22nd April, 2021Earth Day CampaignOnline
 10th July, 2021International Webinar on “Exploring the scope of Diagnostic patents Online
 26thOctober,2021Legal Literacy and Awareness Campaign as a part of Azadi ka Amrit MahotsavPhysical
 27thOctober,2021On foot Awareness Rally in pursuance of PAN India Awareness and Outreach ProgrammePhysical
 29th October 2021Webinar On Cyber Safety in Post-Pandemic World, Cyber Crime: Awareness, Prevention and Ensuring Safe Cyber Space for Youth in collaboration with Central DLSA.Online
 31stOctober,2021Awareness Drive observing Vigilance Awareness WeekPhysical
 2nd November, 2021Presentation Of Work in an Event Hosted by Kings College London University of Strathclyde & University of YorkOnline
 16th November 2021Mediation Work at District Magistrate (DM) office related to Senior Citizen’s ActPhysical
 26th November, 2021Poster Making & Slogan Writing Competition on the occasion of Constitution Day of India Physical
 29th November, 2021Computer Literacy Programme for Girls at Katyayani Balika Ashram DelhiPhysical
 5th December, 2021.Training in collaboration with Central DLSA on “Human Trafficking Laws” Online
 12th January 2021Workshop titled “Gender-Balance Approach in relationship – Capacity Building Programme. ” in collaboration with Central DLSA. Online 
 19th January, 2022Project On Legal Awareness and Outreach Programme for 6 months Physical
 11th February, 2022Assistance drive in collaboration with Neev Foundation for Legal Aid in filling Labour Card Form for the Construction Workers Physical
 18th July,2022Lecture on ” Access to Justice: Vulnerable witnesses and Victim Compensation Schemes” by Ms. Rishika Srivastava, Ld. Secretary, Central DLSAPhysical
 20th July,2022Webinar on ” Queering Justice: Courts and The Constitution by Mr. Saurabh Kirpal (Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court of India)Online

LAS Reports Annual Reports

Executive Body of Legal Aid Society

Faculty Convener:

      Dr. Anita Yadav 

Faculty Members: 

  1. Mr. Vijoy V. Panicker
  2. Ms. Sneh Yadav
  3. Dr. Atma Yadav 
  4. Mr. Ezekial Jarain
  5. Mr. Vikas Kumar

Interim Student Executive Body of Legal Aid Society

S no.NamePost (Interim)Contact no.
1Akash VermaStudent co-convener8090760075
2Akshita SinghStudent co-convener9808708457
3Ashish VermaStudent co-convener7503448823
4Gargi BhattacharyaStudent co-convener9163732420
5Manav Kumar SinghStudent co-convener9560815179
6Manjusha KatariaStudent co-convener9205827158
7Mohd. MoinStudent co-convener9354821565
8PriyankaStudent co-convener9891896284
9SanskarStudent co-convener8588080827
10Sarthak KumarStudent co-convener7503631834
11Saurabh Kumar PandeyStudent co-convener7800162018
12Shashank RaiStudent co-convener9643680750


The Legal Services Clinic of the Legal Aid Society, Campus Law Centre was adjudged as the Best Legal Aid Clinic at 1st UILS National Legal Aid Forum, 2019 held at University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh on April 05, 2019.

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