Prof. (Dr.) Alka Chawla


Welcome to Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi! Ours is a motivated community committed to intellectual inquiry and I am pleased to introduce you to it.

CLC has completed a remarkable journey of 100 years in 2022. Its faculty, students, committees, and associations coaction, as a unified strength and pillar, in shaping this deep-rooted legal institution having a glorious past and a bright future ahead. I take pride in stating that CLC has produced several legal stalwarts who have adorned the Parliament as ministers and members, all levels of the judiciary from lower to the Supreme Court and bureaucracy thus contributing significantly to the field of law.

CLC attracts students from across the globe. The admission process is strictly based on the Faculty of Law entrance test and intake capacity and allocation of seats are as per the reservation roster available at the main website of the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi.

CLC is a pioneer in introducing case-studies-based learning methods for students thus producing the finest of litigators. The extensive curriculum and rigorous evaluation process have prepared our students as professionals to handle a myriad of challenges. Furthermore, the annual journal titled “Campus Law Centre Student Law Review” along with various societies is the reflection of assiduous efforts put in by the students. Every year, students take up pro-bono legal-aid work and contribute to society selflessly by the medium of their para-legal services.

We aim at providing quality legal education in the capital at an affordable cost. We strive to educate young law students on how to reconcile the three most challenging concerns facing society today — equality, liberty, and democracy. Besides, we are committed to training our students how to ensure equality against a history of discrimination, guarantee the fairness of markets, defend our constitution, protect the environment in the face of climate change, and preserve freedom of faith and conscience.

Being one of the best academic communities in the nation, CLC will guide you in your preparation to take the helm of the legal profession. High standards are required by our professors, including ethics and intellectual openness, in addition to diligence. They will assist you in making significant links between legal theory and practice.

I invite you to check out more of our website and other portals to discover us.