Debate and Discussion Society

The Debate & Discussion Society (DDS), Campus Law Centre is a unique forum that promotes free thought and exchange of opinions. When discussion is the ethos of an institution, DDS forms a natural facilitator of that spirited culture. The DDS hosts a plethora of events covering various facets of the art of debate and discussion with an aim to provide ideas and expressions a platform they rightly deserve. 

Flagship initiatives of the DDS

> The CLC Opinion Project is the Intra-College Debate platform of the DDS, organised throughout the year which finally culminates into a Grand Finale round with winner getting the title and rolling trophy of ‘Debater of the Year’.

> CLC PLUGGEDin ( is a blogosphere of the DDS which hosts blogs, articles, opinion pieces, anecdotes etc., from students, faculty members, researchers and activists.

> CLC Townhall is the Panel Discussion Platform which hosts discussions on various socio-legal issues of society which are often complex and multifaceted.

The academic year ends on a high-note with the CLC National Debate Fest which sets stage for one of the biggest congregations of finest minds in India and their multifaceted opinions on issues of national importance.

Faculty Conveners (2019-20)

  • Ms Anumeha Mishra 
  • Dr Sujith Koonan

Student Conveners (2019-20)

  • Ms Kajal Sonkar
  • Mr Vijay Pujari