Placement Assistance Council


The Placement Assistance Council is a student-run body officially designated with the responsibility of facilitating the procedure of recruitment for final-year students. The Placement Assistance Council creates a framework within which the representatives of various organizations in the legal industry can interact with the final year students for recruitment and/or internship by encouraging the recruiters to give important details about the profile of their respective organizations to the interested students. This will enable us to evaluate their interest in the company and thus identify an appropriate fit.

Some of our Past Recruiters :

Amarchand & Mangaldas Suresh A. Shroff & Co., Anand and Anand, Lakshmikumaran and Sridharan, Bachhawat & Associates Attorney, Bajaj Allianz, BBPM Law Associates, AZB & Partners, Bharucha & Partners, Capital First, Desai & Diwanji, DSK Legal, Dentons Link Legal, DMD Advocates, Dua Associates, Ernst & Young, Evalueserve, Future Generali India Insurance Co., HDFC, Human Rights Law Network, ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd., India Today Group, Industrial Finance Corporation of India, Indus Law, Inttl Advocare, Intellectual Property Consultants & Attorneys, Justice & Care, Khaitan & Company, Kaden Boriss, Kanth & Associates, KPMG, LexOrbis Intellectual, Bank DRT, Luthra and Luthra Law Offices, MCO Legal Initiative, M/S. K.G. Bhagat & Co., Noida Power Company Limited, O.P. Khaitan & Co., PEC Limited, PNB Housing, Press Trust of India, Prime Legal, Remfry & Sagar- Attorneys at Law, S & R Associates. Inc., Seth Dua & Associates, Singh and Singh, State Trading Corporation of India Ltd., Tata Power DDL, Trilegal, TCL-The Chambers of Law, United Lex, Wadhwa Law Chambers, Wadia Ghandy & Co., WIPRO etc.

Patron: Prof. (Dr.) Alka Chawla, Professor-in-Charge, Campus Law Centre

Faculty Convenor

Dr. Rubina Grewal Nagra

Teacher Members:

Dr. Cholaraja Mudimannan

Dr. Dinesh Dayma

Students Executive Body:

Vanshika Arora
(Student Convenor)

Easha Chandhok
(Student Co-convenor)

Shrutika Chopra
(Student Co-convenor)

Vanshika Mittal
(Student Co-convenor)

Executive Committee Members:

Student Members:

Anurag Bai, Arivarasan M, Arshdeep, Bharat Sanguri, Dikshita, Esha Lodha, Hardik, Hemang Vyas, Hitaishi Hyanki, Izeen Fatima, Mehul Shah, Nandini Dube, Nupur, Prisha Verma, Rishabh Goyal, Riya Gulati, Ruchi Pandey, Shayan S, Shishir Mehra, Shreya Nanda, Shruti Pandey, Tanishq Singh, Tarun Garg, Vanika, Vanshika Agrawal

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  • Webinar on “LLM Admissions and career opportunities at King’s College London”

Date-2nd June 2021
About the event– An insightful webinar was organized in association with King’s College London on the topic “LLM Admissions and career opportunities at King’s College London”. The webinar touched upon the areas of the application process for postgraduate courses, the selection of courses, accommodation, and careers. To make the sessions interactive, a special Question & Answer round was also held at the end to make the floor open for students to ask their queries.

  • Webinar on “Emerging legal practices in advocacy”

Date– 14th August 2021
Speaker– Mr. Varun Singh, Partner at SKV Law offices (Commercial)
About the event– An informative webinar on the topic “Emerging legal practices in advocacy” was organised as law is a field that is evolving steadily and as budding lawyers, it is imperative to keep abreast with recent trends and practices in the field of law. The idea behind the same was to acquaint students with these emerging legal practices early on.

  • Webinar on “International Arbitration”

Date– 29th August 2021

Speaker– Mr. Subhiksh Vasudev, Law Clerk at “White & Case, LLP France & Peer Review Board Member in ‘The International Arbitration Review’.
About the event– With a growing venture in the field of “International Arbitration”, it becomes imperative to have a fundamental career with intellectual challenge and prestige. An inexorable momentum of business toward globalization has paved the way for a comprehensive legal outlook across jurisdictions. Therefore, forging a specialism that is highly valued, recession-proof and transferable across continents, a webinar was organized pertaining to the same.
The guest speaker addressed our students on his tryst with litigation, international arbitration, and practicing in England and Wales.

  • Lecture Series on “The Basics of Mergers and Acquisitions In India.”

Date – 2nd-3rd October 2021

Speaker – Mr. Siddharth Marwah, (Batch of 2015 – CLC), Principal Associate at Khaitan& Co.

About the Event – An enriching lecture series was conducted stretching over two days for eight hours. It aimed at covering a wide range of themes to better acquaint the students with the Merger and Acquisition regime in India. This session saw great participation from the end of the students.

  • Webinar on “Career in Fintech Laws: Basics and Progression.”

Date–22nd December 2021
Speaker- Ms. Neha Mehta, FinTech Team Lead- ASEAN Economic Reform Programme SEA, FCDO. CEO & Founder – FemTech Partners.
About the event – “With the burgeoning field of “FinTech,” it becomes critical tohave a fundamental understanding of how a successful FinTech organizationnecessitates more than just great technology; it also entails an understanding of thelaws and regulations applicable to the business”, with this idea a webinar on the topic-“Career in Fintech Laws: Basics and Progression” was organised to acquaint thestudents with the same.

  • Workshop on “Practical Aspects of IPR Laws”

Date– 8th January 2022

  1. Ms. Bitika Sharma, Senior Partner at Singh & Singh LLP
  2. Mr. Mohit Wadhwa, Associate Partner at Singh & Singh LLP
  3. Ms. Shifa Nagar, Senior Associate at Singh & Singh LLP
  4. Mr. Luv Virmani, Associate at Singh & Singh LLP

About the event- A workshop on the topic “Practical Aspects of IPR Laws” was organised in collaboration with Singh & Singh LLP, one of India’s leading law firms. The objective of the workshop was to provide an overview of trademark prosecution, litigation, opposition and objections, domain name, squatting disputes, infringement, and passing off. It also covered the process of filing copyright applications as well as the emerging career options available in the field of IPR Laws.

  • “Faculty voices: Constitutional Dimensions In Litigation” By Prof. (Dr.) Kamala Sankaran

Date– 22nd January 2022
About the event– As a part of its endeavour to disseminate awareness of diverse career prospects in law and to ensure access to mentorship, the Placement Assistance Council came up with a distinctive initiative called “Faculty Voices: Lecture Series by CLC Professors”. The inaugural session was delivered by Prof. (Dr.) Kamala Sankaran on the topic “Constitutional Dimensions in Litigation”. The objective of this session was to explain the role of constitutional principles in litigation and their application while dealing with matters at various forums.

  • Orientation Programme for 1st-year students

Date of the event– 23rd January 2022
About the event– The Placement Assistance Council organised an orientation session to acquaint the 1st-year students with the workings, functions, and opportunities provided by the Placement Assistance Council, CLC.

  • Webinar on “Advocacy in Civil Rights”

Date – 12th February 2022
Speaker– Senior Adv. Sanjay Hegde
About the event: A webinar on the topic “Advocacy in Civil Rights” was organised which was led by Mr. Sanjay Hegde, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India. With more than 30 years of experience, Adv. Sanjay Hegde is a strong proponent of democratic values and a leading voice for human rights and civil liberties. The objective of the webinar was to make students understand the importance of civil
litigation and answer a wide variety of questions related to civil liberties practice.

  • Lecture Series on “Guide to Commercial Courts Act, 2015”

Date– 26th and 27th February 2022
Speaker– Adv. Rajat Mathur (Alumnus, Faculty of Law)
About the event: An informative lecture series on “Guide to Commercial Courts Act, 2015” by Adv. Rajat Mathur was organised to provide insight into drafting and pleadings in civil cases, criminal cases, and cases pertaining to the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881. The lecture series covered an analysis of the Commercial Courts Act, 2015; it also delved into case studies on commercial copyright
infringement and the law of defamation, among various other topics.

  • “Faculty Voices: Copyright Law Through The Eyes Of Educator And University” by Prof. (Dr.) Alka Chawla

Date– 15th March 2022
About the event– Chapter II of the “Faculty Voices: Lecture Series by CLC
Professors” was organised on the topic ‘Copyright Law Through The Eyes Of Educator And University’. Prof. (Dr.) Alka Chawla, Professor-in-Charge, Campus Law Centre, delivered the session, which delved into the various aspects of copyright laws in India. The objective of this session was to provide an overview of the Copyright Act, 1957 and how rights are conferred to the authors, performers, and
broadcasters by the act.

  • Session on “How To Make A Mark: The Art Of Building A Good CV

Date-20th March 2022
Speaker– Mr. Ankit Rajgarhia, Principal Associate at Karanjawala and Co.
About the event- As a part of our endeavour to guide and support students towards wonderful opportunities and remarkable careers an informative session was organised on the topic “How To Make A Mark: The Art Of Building A Good CV”.
The session helped the students to understand how a CV is to be structured and the key dos and don’ts while creating one.

  • Faculty Voices: Trade Mark Law in India

Date – 14th July 2022
Speaker – Prof. (Dr.) Alka Chawla, Prof. (Dr.) Raman Mittal, Dr.Kshitij Kumar Singh
About the event– Chapter III of the “Faculty Voices: Lecture Series by CLC Professors” was organised on the topic “Trade Mark Law in India”. The session helped the students to better understand a variety of trademark-related topics, such as registration, protection, and relief provisions in case of infringement of trademarks, among others and served as a guiding light for those who wish to pursue a career in this field.