Criminal Law Society


Criminal Law Society, Campus Law Centre is dedicated to promote research and awareness among its members and students. The society has the vision to acquaint its members with the practical experience of the criminal justice system in the country and the intricacies followed in various criminal justice systems across the globe so that they could have hands-on experience in the field and understand the nuances better. For this purpose, the society conducts various workshops, seminars, and practical learning sessions with industry experts and various stake holders of the Criminal Justice system. Also with an endeavor to promote research and action in the field of criminal justice and law, Criminal Law Society is committed  to undertake in-depth research  and develop  analytical skills essential for  examining  contemporary issues and challenges in the field of  criminal law.

Objectives and Scope

  1. To promote research and action in Criminal Law.
  2. To foster understanding and interest in Criminal law by bringing various stakeholders to debate and discuss about criminal justice in order to achieve an efficient criminal justice system.           
  3. To impart basic awareness and education by the way of initiating Foundational and certificate courses
  1. To organize student-centric initiatives in the form of webinars, seminars, lectures and conferences.
  2. To conduct Practical Learning Sessions as well Training Programs for the members of the society
  3. To facilitate networking opportunities with lawyers and professionals in the field.

Lecture Series and Seminars

The Criminal Law Society aims to promote awareness and make as much discourse available in the field as possible. Various lecture series and seminars organized under the aegis of the Criminal Law Society serve as a platform for the students to have insightful discussions pertaining to the field of criminal law and facilitates networking opportunities with lawyers and professionals in the field.

Webinars on practical aspects of criminal law.

Through webinars, the society strives to provide practical aspects of criminal litigation to its members so that they could have hands-on experience in drafting court applications and court procedures through various leading experts in the field.



The Criminal Law Society at Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi, hosted legendary criminal defence counsel and an expert in the field of law, Advocate Mr. Tanveer Ahmed Mir in the foundational orientation program of the society held on  October 27, 2023 under the esteemed patronage of Professor-in-Charge, Dr. Alka Chawla, and the Faculty Convener, Dr. Harleen Kaur.

This orientation programme was aimed at providing profound insights into the legal arena to the aspiring legal professionals thereby fostering an environment conducive to robust learning and professional development. Mr. Mir’s emphasis on the significance of becoming a formidable trial lawyer at the outset resonated deeply. Drawing parallels to the notable triumph in the Depp v. Heard case, where Attorney Ms. Camille Vasquez played a pivotal role, Mr. Mir encouraged aspiring lawyers to establish themselves in the trial court before venturing into appellate practice.

Among the pearls of wisdom shared by Mr. Mir were key principles essential for success in the legal domain, including the unwavering commitment of “Not a step back,” the art of conquering fear, and the importance of giving due respect to the judiciary while maintaining steadfast resolve. He underscored the necessity of operating on a larger canvas, advocating for extemporaneous proficiency, and mastering the facts of a case.

The responsibility borne by law students was underscored by Mr. Mir, highlighting that the accused places trust in two entities – the Almighty (if, a believer) and their trial lawyer. Hence, being a defence lawyer translates to becoming the last hope for someone facing legal challenges. This session was not only motivational but also a profound learning experience for all attendees. The Criminal Law Society expressed gratitude to Mr. Tanveer Ahmed Mir for sharing his wealth of knowledge and contributing to the academic and professional growth of the legal fraternity.

Faculty Convenor

Dr. Harleen Kaur

Faculty Co-Convenor

Dr. Suman Yadav

Teacher Members:

Dr. Akash Deep Nagal

Students Executive Body:

Lovesh Mamnani
(Student Convenor)

Amolpreet Saini
(Student Co-Convenor)

Ankur Agnihotri
(Student Co-Convenor)

Simran Gupta
(Student Co-Convenor)

Student Executive Members:

Aakarshan KhatriManish Kumar
Alok BhattNaman Khanna
Amisha ChauhanNitendra Yadav
Arpit BothraRohit Kumar
Aryan DuggalSakshi Dwivedi
Aryan RautelaSiddhant Singh
HemantSneha Chauhan
Kratika KushwahaSunil Maheshwar