IPR Society


In a knowledge-driven world, intangible assets including intellectual property (IP), and intellectual property rights (IPR) are gaining the utmost importance in all walks of life. The goods are becoming valuable not because of their physicality but their intellectual content.
Academic institutions have become a powerhouse of intellectual property, continuously generating various forms of IP. However, due to a lack of awareness, realisation and training of IPR, we have not been able to tap the knowledge and skill of the academic workforce that can significantly contribute to the social, cultural, scientific, technological and economic progress of the country. Intellectual property rights are not only to exploit the property but also to recognise, protect and enforce its creators’ rights- to give them their due through a fair process. IP reflects a progressive trend of both; an academic institution/organisation and a company.

The awareness and a sense of realisation of IPR ensure protection, enforcement and respect for the same. As a premier law institution, Campus Law Centre, the University of Delhi commits to undertake a responsibility for IPR awareness, education, training and research through its IPR society. Furthering the aim of the National IPR Policy 2016 in tune with “Creative India and Innovative India”, the society will focus on the following objectives:

  • To create IP awareness among students, academics and society at large.
  • To examine and analyse the execution and implementation of the National IPR Policy.
  • To supplement students’ knowledge with practical training of IPR and train them to the current demands by conducting training programmes. 
  • To provide insights into the cutting-edge technologies in the IP domain such as blockchain, AI, information technology, biotechnology and life sciences.
  • To facilitate the understanding and importance of IP valuation and commercialisation.
  • To promote interdisciplinary research and interactions for mutual learning and understanding of the intricacies of IPR.
  • To extend institutional assistance to help promote IP generation, protection and enforcement in different departments and institutes of the University of Delhi.
  • To explore the other vital aspects of IPR not covered in the academic curriculum. 

Faculty Convenor

Dr. Kshitij Kumar Singh

Teacher Members:

Dr. Shikha Sharma

Dr. Silky Mukherjee

Dr. Dinesh Dayma

Students Executive Body:

Neelangini Tiwari
(Student Convenor)

Gauri Bansal
(Student Co-Convenor)

(Student Co-Convenor)

Shivangi Jaiswal
(Student Co-Convenor)

Tavin Sethi
(Student Co-Convenor)

Vaibhav Gandhi
(Student Co-Convenor)

Himanshu Kumar
(Student Co-Convenor)

Suman R
(Student Co-Convenor)

Students Working Committee Body:

Adrika Singh
Aman Chauhan
Aman Kumar Yadav
Amit Dahiya
Arnab Sharma
Esha Lodha
Garvita Bhola
Kajal Pathak
Kanupreet Kaur
Mandeep K Prasad
Neeraj Kumar
Prabhat Sejwar
Rahul Prasad
Reny Jain
Rishabh Raj Swaroop
Samridhi Chugh
Saumya Mishra
Saurabh Jha
Shivi Kadyan
Siddh Anand
Srishti Anand
Tanishq Singh