Mr. Akash Deep Nagal

Mr. Akash Deep Nagal is Assistant Professor of Law at Campus Law Centre of University of Delhi. As a law educator, his research interests straddles around legal studies, Constitutional  and  Criminal Laws. His LL.M dissertation focussed on applicability of fundamental rights to private individuals and institutions from Faculty of Law, University of Delhi

His ongoing doctoral thesis from Panjab University revolves around the analysis on Death Penalty as a study on retributive justice vis-a-vis human rights of convicts. This continues to be an abiding research concern from him. To explore legal practices surrounding bringing change in society, he organised a lecture on” Law as a means of revolutionary change in the society” at University of Delhi. Along the way, he organised a colloquium on the emerging role of human values in legal system at Faculty of Law, University of Delhi.

Beside exploring legal studies he has been extending his research on life and vision of Dr. Ambedkar. In the subsequent direction, he participated in the national seminar on Dr. Ambedkar vision and the Constitution of India at Panjab university. Recently, he organised a colloquium on the vision of Bharat Ratna Dr B.R Ambedkar at University of Delhi.