National Service Scheme


NSS stands for National Service Scheme, which is a program for youth development in India. It was launched in 1969 by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, and it aims to develop the personality and character of the student youth through voluntary community service. The main objective of NSS is to involve students in social and community service activities and develop their leadership skills, social responsibility, and awareness of social issues. The program is open to all students enrolled in higher education institutions such as colleges and universities.

The NSS program operates through a network of institutional units located in colleges and universities across India. Each unit has a program officer who is responsible for coordinating and implementing the NSS program activities. The program officer is assisted by a team of student volunteers who participate in various social and community service activities. The NSS program activities include organizing health camps, blood donation drives, literacy and awareness campaigns, environmental conservation and preservation programs, disaster management training, and other social and community development activities.

The NSS program is a voluntary program, and students who participate in it receive no financial incentives. However, the program provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills, social responsibility, and awareness of social issues.
Additionally, the program provides an avenue for students to contribute to the development of their local communities and society as a whole.


The aim of the National Service Scheme (NSS) is to develop the personality of students through community service. NSS encourages students to participate in various activities that help them to develop their leadership skills, social responsibility, and commitment towards the community. The main aim of NSS is to create a sense of social consciousness and a sense of responsibility among students. NSS volunteers work towards the upliftment of the community, focusing on the needs of the underprivileged and marginalized sections of society. The program also aims to instil a sense of patriotism and national integration among the students. The ultimate goal of NSS is to create a generation of socially responsible citizens who are committed to the betterment of society.


The objective of the National Service Scheme (NSS) is to develop the personality and character of students through community service and social activities. The NSS aims to inculcate a sense of social responsibility, leadership qualities, and the spirit of volunteerism
among young people. It also strives to foster national integration and promote the welfare of marginalized communities through various developmental activities. The NSS encourages students to work towards the betterment of society, to develop their skills, and to become responsible citizens of the country. Overall, the main objective of the NSS is to contribute to the development of the country by promoting a sense of social consciousness and responsibility among students


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  • Socio-Legal Lecture Series- Growth of Mediation Centres in India: Promises and Challenges- Chief Guest- Hon’ble Justice Dr. Sudhir Kumar Jain, Judge, High Court of Delhi-

NSS unit of Campus Law Centre organised a Socio-Legal Lecture series on ‘Growth of Mediation Centres in India: Promises and Challenges’ on 21st April 2023 in the Seminar Hall of CLC. The occasion is graced by the esteemed presence of Honourable Justice Dr. Sudhir Kumar Jain, Judge, Delhi High Court. Hon’ble Justice was welcomed by Prof. (Dr.) Alka Chawla, Professor-in-Charge, Campus Law Centre, Dr. Ruchita Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, CLC, Dr. Cholaraja M., Assistant Professor, CLC and Dr. Rahul Kumar, Programme Officer, NSS, CLC and all the NSS Volunteers of CLC and other participants including NSS student conveners Mr. Saurabh Sundar and Mr. Kaushil Bhardwaj. Hon’ble justice told that in Delhi Mediation Centres functional at Delhi District Courts till around 248 thousands cases had been settled including connected cases which were not referred for mediation till 31.01.2023 out of 380 thousands cases referred for mediation. The techniques of mediation, role of mediation in dispute resolution and lessening the burden of Courts etc. were focussed through some interesting, real life and practical experiences. Many leading judgments of the Supreme Court were also discussed by him. His Lordship conducted a very interactive session on growth of mediation centre and its promises and challenges. He addressed all the queries of the students. Thereafter, the formal vote of thanks was extended by Dr. Cholaraja M.

  • Cleanliness Drive-

The NSS, Campus Law Centre organized ‘Cleanliness Drive’ in the Faculty Lawns and adjoining areas of the Arts Faculty on 23rd of March, 2023. Upholding the spirit of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. It saw an active participation of enthusiastic students of NSS, CLC, holding colourful banners and posters spreading the message of keeping our environment clean. Everyone efficiently collected all the stray plastic wrappers, used disposable cutlery, aerated drinks’ bottles, as well as the occasional cigarette boxes and disposed them off in the many litter-bins installed on the campus. The drive ended with a happy picture of the environment-conscious team, eager to contribute their bit to the development of the society.

  • Orientation Program 2023- Chief Guest- K. Laxman (MP Rajya Sabha)-

NSS unit of Campus Law Centre conducted an orientation programme for NSS volunteers of new batch on 27th of March 2023 in Seminar Hall, CLC. The Chief Guest for the event was Hon’ble member of Rajya Sabha Dr. K. Laxman. The event started with National Anthem and a Welcome Greeting. Then the students were given a brief idea about NSS, its objective and functioning. Due to an important meeting at the Parliament, the esteemed chief guest couldn’t join us physically but he sent a bundle of good wishes and affection through the Delhi University Students’ Union President and promised as well that he will join us in next event for sure. The students were told to share their views and plan towards bringing change in the society and it was found that everyone had different opinion and different subjects which reflected the beautiful diversity of thoughts. Dr. Rahul Kumar and Dr. Ruchita Chakorborty enlightened the students towards social service and appreciated the new energy of NSS unit.

Programme Officer:

Dr. Rahul Kumar

Teacher Members:

Dr. Neetu

Dr. Cholaraja M

Students Executive Body:

Mr. Saurabh Sunder (2nd Year)

Mr. Kaushil Bhardwaj (2nd Year)