Enabling Unit

The Enabling Unit of Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, Delhi University acts as a support system for the
differently-abled students and teachers. The Unit was established as an initiative undertaken by the Centre, following :
the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 and the UGC Guidelines for Persons with Disabilities Scheme in
Colleges XII Plan (2012-17). The ultimate goal of the Unit is to make education inclusive and uniformly accessible
to all. Not only does the Unit provide support through an instrumental state-of-the-art infrastructure, but it also
cultivates an atmosphere of meaningful academic exchange, facilitating these groups of students to transform
challenges into opportunities.

The Unit spared no effort to make each corner of the Centre accessible to all. To facilitate the same, ramps were
constructed in different places of the college premises. Keeping in mind the basic facilities for physically challenged
students and teachers, disabled-friendly toilets have been constructed on each floor of the college building.
Since its very inception, the Enabling Unit acts as a bridge between college administration and the differently-abled
students. The Unit has been engaged in promoting the development of accessible infrastructures and providing a
suitable environment, for students as well as teachers facing any form of impairment, to pursue their academic

The Unit is committed to advancing the all-around development of differently-abled students. Consequently, the
faculty along with the Unit provides ample encouragement to such students so that they may participate in various
seminars and workshops organized by the Unit both at the college and university levels.
The Unit also helps the differently-abled students at the time of admission through the agency of facilitation counter
for the students who require such aid. The Centre has always ensured maximum admission of such students in the
college. Not only this, the Unit has taken a proactive stand whenever there arises any problem regarding the
identification of teaching and non-teaching posts for persons with disabilities, or proper implementation of reservation
as provided under the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016. It is also actively working in acquiring notable
scholarships for differently-abled students.

Last but not the least, the Enabling Unit strives to sensitize all the people of Campus Law Centre to the needs and
requirements of specially-abled students and to help them in all respects so that they may also participate in the
activities of the college and realize their fullest potential.

Teacher Convener

  • Dr. Neha Aneja

Teacher Member

  • Dr. Rahul Kumar
  • Dr. Cholaraja Mudimannan

Student Executive Committee

  • Mr. Bhuwan Raj Seth, Student Convenor, 3rd Year
  • Mr. Vivek Raj, Student Co-Convenor, 3rd Year
  • Ms. Manpreet Manchanda, Student Co-Convenor, 3rd Year
  • Mr. Rahil Akhlaque, Student Co-Convenor, 3rd Year
  • Mr. Shwet Kumar Singh, Executive Member, 2nd Year
  • Ms. Nilansha Gupta, Executive Member, 2nd Year
  • Ms. Arja Fatimah, Executive Member, 2nd Year
  • Mr. Vivek Kumar Mallick, Executive Member, 2nd Year
  • Mr. Om Kumar, Executive Member, 2nd Year
  • Mr. Bikku Kumar, Executive Member, 2nd Year