Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Society

The justice dispensation system in India has come under great stress due to several reasons. At the
very same time due to the impact of globalisation there is rapid increase in disputes amongst the
parties which require speedy and effective resolution which the adversarial system has failed to
deliver. In this context, dispute resolution through arbitration, mediation & negotiation are found to be
more appropriate, effective, less time consuming and hassle free alternate form of dispute resolution
in India. Considering its significance, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Society at the Campus Law
Centre has been setup to further this mission.

1. To enhance knowledge and understanding of the purpose, substance and scope of ADR and of
the potential of ADR as an effective tool to render alternate dispute resolution;
2. To create awareness of ADR as part of justice delivery system;
3. To equip the students and other professional with the theory and practice of arbitration,
mediation and other ADR mechanism to take up independent career in this field.

1. To promote awareness on different branches of ADR among students and Legal fraternity.
2. To provide a platform of discussion and activities related to ADR;
3. To encourage interested students in advancing their studies towards this subject;
4. To conduct Panel discussion, lectures and training Workshops on different branches of ADR
for the students;
5. To stimulate research culture amongst the students towards the field of Arbitration and ADR

Faculty Convenor: Dr. Rohit Moonka

Dr. Neelam Tyagi
Ms. Apanjot
Ms. Sneh Yadav

Students Executive Body:
Soon to be constituted

Prospective activities :

The ADR Society will initiate activities such as:
(a) Workshops and guest lectures on theory and practice of Arbitration, Mediation and other
form of ADR for the students of Campus Law Centre;
(b) Promote student research on Arbitration and other branches of ADR thereby to strengthen the
above mechanism. For this, the society will start its own blog largely covering the latest
judgments and happenings related to Arbitration and other branch of ADR; The society also
proposes to publish a dedicated e-journal on ADR in the future;
(c) Collaboration with leading institutions working in the field of Arbitration and ADR such as
ICC (India), CIArb (India), Samadhan, Delhi High Court, AMLEAD, Ahmedabad, Centre for
ADR, Mumbai for conducting collaborative activities for the students of Campus Law Centre